Resources for the collection of Open Source Intelligence

These resources are links to tools and online data collection sites that can be used for the information gathering phase of penetration testing and organizational security assessments.

Other uses are researching organizations to determine the corporate structure, information technology capabilities and a great deal more.

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Standalone ToolsNotes
Maltego Start searching with this and you will wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes!
FOCA A windows tool for information gathering, search engines, metadata and more
Fierce Perl based DNS scanner, includes brute forcing of subdomains and IP neighbours
DNS Enum Alternative to Fierce, also perl based with nice clean output

Online ToolsNotes
Googlethe ultimate intelligence gathering and recon tool?
Shodana search engine for internet connected devices that indexes the service banners
Google Hacking DatabaseGoogle Dorks from the GHDB

More ResourcesNotes
Spy Logic Series - Part 1intel gathering article social networks
Spy Logic Series - Part 2intel gathering article part2 - blogs, forums and metadata
Spy Logic Series - Part 3intel gathering article social networks monitoring
Tutorial on FootprintingPassive information gathering tutorial